A representation of the general planning of the master is given by the below picture. Next we provide a synthetic description of each teaching module with the links to the detailed course program.

NB: les étudiants francophones non-français peuvent accéder au master en faisant au lieu de l’UE de français langue étrangère une UE d’une autre langue parmi Anglais, Arabe, Russe, langage des signes

M1 – first year

TELNET: Telecommunication Networks (6 ECTS)

Teachers: Olivier Fourmaux (Sorbonne University), Timur Friedman (Sorbonne University), Stefano Secci (Cnam)
Basics on communication network principles, focused on layers 2 (data-link) and 3 (network)

OSCA: Operating Systems and Computer Architecture (6 ECTS)

Teacher: Sami Taktak.
Introduction to computer architectures and operating systems, with a particular focus on IoT devices and systems.

OR: Operations Research (4 ECTS)

Teachers: Safia Kedad, Eric Soutil, Daniel Porumbel 
Basics on combinatorial optimization, graph theory, complexity, and network optimization problem modeling.

NCA: Networks – Complements and Applications (6 ECTS)

Teachers: Stéphane Rovedakis, Françoise Sailhan, Amina Boubendir (Orange), Maria Potop Butucaru (Sorbonne University)
Course on network protocols, focused on layer 3 and above, including advanced Internet architecture systems, distributed systems and networked applications such as P2P and blockchain systems.

WIMOB: Wireless Mobile Networks (6 ECTS)

Teachers: Selma Boumerdassi, Françoise Sailhan
Course on wireless network architectures, cellular networks, Wi-Fi and local wireless local area networks, personal and ad-hoc and sensor networks.

NETSEC: Network Security (6 ECTS)

Teacher: Nicolas Pioch
Course on network security, with a particular focus on novel cybersecurity threats and principles of cryptography.

CSMV: Computer Systems Modeling and Verification (6 ECTS)

Teachers: Tristan Crolard, Matthias Puech, Pierre Courtieu
Course on advanced modeling of computing systems, formal methods for code and protocol verification, computer system reliability.

English (6 ECTS)

English course to elevate your current English level.

Engineer Job (4 ECTS)

Industrial seminars on different facets of the professional activity of an engineer, distributed over the whole year.

Company Organisation and Sustainability (4 ECTS)

Inter-disciplinary course on European company business administration running on the first semester.

French as foreign language (6 ECTS)

French course running on the first semester.
NB: les étudiants francophones non-français peuvent être dispensés (suite à un test de niveau au début du cours) ou faire un autre cours en alternative.

It is possible to do a remunerated internship during the summer between the first and second year. More info here on master internships.

M2 – second year

NEVA: Network Evolutions with Virtualization and Automation (6 ECTS)

Teachers: Stefano Secci, Bruno Chatras (Orange), Arnaud Fenioux (Hopus IXP), Alessio Diamanti (Orange), Francesca Fossati (Orange), Vania Conan (Thales), Dominique Verchere (Nokia)
Advanced course on the evolutions of network switching and routing architecture toward network virtualization (NFV/MEC), softwarization (SDN) and network automation with artificial intelligence integration.

ESAC: Embedded Systems: Applications and Cybersecurity (6 ECTS)

Teachers: Sami Taktak, Samia Bouzefrane, Pierre Paradinas
Advanced course on the design of IoT systems and devices, related applications and cybersecurity challenges.

AIML: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Networks and IoT (6 ECTS)

Teachers: Agathe Blaise (Thales), Stefano Secci
Advanced course on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, with their application to real data coming from IP and mobile network and IoT/computing infrastructures.

IoT: Internet of Things (2 ECTS) 

Teacher: Iness Ahriz, Didier Le Ruyet
Advanced course on IoT system design, from both a software and hardware perspective.

PROJ: Advanced Projects in Networks and IoT Systems (6 ECTS)

Project tutors: Stefano Secci, Sami Taktak, William Diego Maza (Orange), Filippo Rebecchi (Thales)
In this course, you will have the possibility to develop advanced projects on recent cutting-edge networking and IoT computing technologies under adoption by the industry. Technologies include software plateforms for 5G and beyond 5G systems,  edge computing, network virtualization, IoT devices and mobile applications, as well as technologies related to cybersecurity challenges, with the demonstration of novel vulnerabilities and attacks. Projects are administratively framed, tutored and evaluated as they would be run in a professional R&D environment.

SCICOM: Scientific Communication (1 ECTS)

Teacher: Selma Boumerdassi
This course teaches about principles of good scientific writing and presentation. Students will have oral presentation of scientific works and will have to write scientific reports on them.

English (6 ECTS) 

English course to elevate your current English level.

French as foreign language (6 ECTS)

French course running on the first semester.
NB: les étudiants francophones non-français peuvent être dispensés (suite à un test de niveau au début du cours) ou faire un autre cours en alternative.

Internship (21 ECTS)

5 to 7 months compulsory remunerated internship (allowed by the French the student visa) at a company or academic research lab, in France, Europe or outside Europe.
The internship can start in February, March or April and end in July,  August or September. More info here on master internships.

The complete course programs and additional administrative details can be found at this page.