The M2 students have started their internship, as follows.

  • GUEMDANI Moussa
    in CEDRIC-ROC about integration of disaggregated RAN (OpenRAN) in the ROC 5G testbed.
  • KAR Biswajeet
    at TickIoT, on the Design of a Plug-n-Play Multi-Master LORA Gateway Software
  • KAYANI Moheed Ali
    at CEDRIC-ROC on the design and experimentation of an automation framework for LoraWAN.
  • KAYANI Maham Fatima
    at Ericsson Research France on vulnerability management in RAN Cloud infrastructures.
    at Ivalua on QA and performance management for cloud infrastructures.
  • N’KOUKA Thierry Isaac
    at CEA-List on 5G traffic prediction technologies.
    at ENPC on smart city monitoring.
    at CEA on drone communication optimization using SDN.
  • SHAO Yitu
    at CEDRIC-ROC on MPTCP scheduling
  • SROUR Ali
    at Nokia Bell Labs on Edge Computing Service continuity during mobility.
  • STEFANOVA Uliana
    at CEDRIC-ROC on virtual reality IHM.
  • ZHANG Haoxuan
    at Nokia Bell Labs on automation of virtualized network functions.
  • ZHONG Yufei
    at CEDRIC-ROC on MPTCP scheduling.

With an average internship salary of 1200€/month.

M2 internships 2024

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