Our M2 master students were selected and assigned to the following internships in the Paris area. They are as follows.

“Cloud Based Data Driven Development Environment for 5G/6G RAN”,
at Ericsson R&D, Massy.

  • by Anh Khoa DANG, M2 2022/2023

“Moving Target Defense techniques in cloud-native RAN”,
at Ericsson R&D, Massy.

  • by Ali Awarkeh, M1 2021/2022, M2 2022/2023

“Comparaison of RISC-V, Beagle and RPI boards for embedded runtime AI”,
at CEDRIC-ROC, Cnam, Paris.

  • by Zifeng Zhang, M1 2021/2022, M2 2022/2023

“Multi-agent system-based distributed orchestration”,
at Nokia Bell Labs, Massy.

  • by David Kule, M1 2021/2022, M2 2022/2023

“Smart City Data Modeling and Platforms”,

  • by Mohammad Rizk, M2 2022/2023.

“Orchestration of serverless network and service functions for combined MEC-5G systems”,
at CEDRIC-ROC, Cnam, Paris.

  • by Jeongku Choi, M1 2021/2022, M2 2022/2023

“Edge Computing and 5/6G networking”,
at Nokia Bell Labs, Massy.

  • by Masoud Baharlouei, M1 2021/2022, M2 2022/2023

“Mobile Network Digital Twin Design for Monitoring Reliability”
at Orange Labs, Chatillon.

  • by Farnaz Ebrahimishad, M1 2021/2022, M2 2022/2023

Methods and algorithms for the characterization of the sitting posture
at CEA, France.

  • by Anas Hattay, M2 2022/2023 Erasmus exchange student from SupCom.

Parallelization of Homomorphic Encryption using FPGA
at CEDRIC-ROC, France.

  • by Hussein Hamdouna, M1 2021/2022, M2 2022/2023

Performance Evaluation of OLSR-5G-D2D
at L2TI, Univ. Sorbonne Paris-Nord, France.

  • by Marwa Ali, M1 2021/2022, M2 2022/2023

Mobile Network Abstractions for Coverage-Availability Analysis
at Nokia Bell Labs, France.

  • by Hussein Khalil, M1 2021/2022, M2 2022/2023

“Evaluation of Monitoring and Anomaly Detection Systems”
at ORNESS, France.

  • by Mohammed Rhaouti, M2 2022/2023

“Network planning and design”
at Huawei, France.

  • by Zisen Xu, M1 2021/2022, M2 2022/2023

“Metaverse computing and communication challenges”
at LIP6, France.

  • by Manel Siala, M2 2022/2023, Erasmus

The internship topics are agreed with partner labs in the frame of joint ongoing and future collaborations, including follow-ups as industrial Ph.D. in collaboration with the CEDRIC-ROC team at Cnam.

The average internship salary 2023 M2 students obtained is 1322€ net/month.

2023 M2 internships at the starting blocks
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